Recognizing digital dentistry's burgeoning value, Digital Dentistry Seminars, a leader in continuing education, is pleased to offer several new courses dedicated to the application of digital dentistry. Our one-day courses focus on:

  • Implant Surgical Guides
  • Digital Orthodontics
  • Digital Esthetics

Taught by a rotating group of some of the world's foremost experts on digital dentistry including, among others, Dr. Michael Ravens, a 3D imaging specialist, there really is no other program like it on the market today.

Today the global market for medical imaging devices is estimated at $32 billion with forecasted growth to $49 billion by 2020, a 53% increase. Key to this growth is the increasing importance of computing imaging and computer guided software programs. In today's tech-centric times, patients expect computers to enhance their lives. That's as true in the dentist's chair as it is in any other medical setting. Isn't it time your dental practice embraced these broad ranging capabilities?

With Digital Dentistry Seminars' instruction, you and your staff will gain the skills and confidence required to take the best 3D pictures possible while minimizing a patient's post-operative pain and discomfort. You will also learn specific treatment planning computer software related to our three dedicated courses listed above.

Oh behalf of all of us at Digital Dentistry Seminars, we look forward to continuing the digital dental revolution with you!